How Perfect Diary Benefits Chinese Cosmetics Brands

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Marketing actions have brought great benefits to the brand

Several years ago, Perfect Diary started as a make-up brand. With the help of acquisitions, the brand has evolved into a high-end cosmetics brand. It is a young brand which has an international aesthetic, and a population of over 60 million followers in its official account. It was ranked the number one brand in the makeup and perfume category on Tmall in 2019. In the second half of last year, Perfect Diary started to increase its marketing efforts. This strategy brought great benefits to the brand.

Offline stores allow shoppers to go through the entire shopping process

During Double 11, Perfect Diary set a new sales record by selling over 100M products on Tmall. In addition, the company has accumulated high-quality user reviews. It also launched a series of best-selling products.

Aside from its e-commerce business, Perfect Diary has also started a new offline campaign. This is a great way to attract new customers. It allows shoppers to have an immersive experience, complete the shopping process, and even receive exclusive sales and promotions. It also boosts brand NPS.

As of June 2019, Perfect Diary has 40 offline stores in China. This number is expected to increase to 600 brick-and-mortar stores in the next three years.

Database system is almost completely built on Alibaba Cloud’s products

Using Alibaba Cloud’s PaaS database services to optimize and improve their database technology has been a smart move for Perfect Diary, a leading Chinese cosmetics manufacturer. The company’s growth has been rapid and their cosmetics products have been selling like hotcakes. The company has a large user base and its gross merchandise value continues to rise. Having a database that is reliable, easy to manage, and can scale with its business demands is a necessity.

A few months ago, Perfect Diary began working with Alibaba Cloud. The company was one of the earliest customers to sign on for the database autonomy service. The two companies collaborated on a two-phase plan. The first phase focused on identifying and analyzing system bottlenecks and optimizing resources. The second phase involved replicating the best practices of other e-commerce databases.

Brand’s vitality and tonality

Getting your hands on the newest and hottest products is important, but so is getting your name out there in the digital sphere. That’s why brands are putting themselves in front of a plethora of consumers. In particular, Chinese consumers are looking for new and dynamic social commerce platforms such as Taobao, WeChat and Bilibili. With such a large pool of potential customers, any brand that can offer them a unique and entertaining experience will be rewarded with high retention and sales. With that said, the perfect diary is no exception.

Emulation by other brands

Unlike other Chinese cosmetics brands, Perfect Diary was founded and launched in China by Guangzhou Yatsen E-Commerce Co. Ltd. Its e-commerce live streams are a primary sales channel. It also operates thousands of WeChat groups.

Perfect Diary uses a number of tactics to achieve its goal of becoming a worldwide household brand. These include KOC marketing, private traffic, platforms, and social media. It also implements an innovative solution that combines multiple technologies. This technology is called Tracing Analysis. It allows Perfect Diary to monitor complex service calls, diagnose performance bottlenecks, and identify abnormal services. The system also connects with Alibaba Cloud products, such as Performance Testing Service. This service helps Perfect Diary plan resources, monitor system capacity, and diagnose performance issues. It also throttles traffic in real-time to maintain system stability.