IllumiGyn Benefits Women’s Health and Gynecological Examinations

Besides being a great device to make gynecological examinations more effective, IllumiGyn offers many other benefits as well. It has the capability to improve the early detection and diagnosis of cervical cancer. It can also help in improving gynecological examinations in countries like Africa.

Machine vision technology

Using machine vision to enhance quality assurance and reduce waste. A machine vision system is able to check hundreds of parts per minute. This technology is also capable of removing the most mundane defects from the process.

This is done using infrared light to detect irregular patterns. It’s also possible to use machine vision to recognize pre-programmed features in an image, thereby reducing the need for manual inspection. This type of technology has become a cheap commodity in China. A similar story can be found in Israel, where machine vision technologies have helped Intel to become one of the most innovative companies in the country.

The Illumigyn gynescope is not yet available for sale in the United States, but it is a contender in the medical equipment category. The device features a number of useful features including auto illumination control, auto identification of working distance, and a full digital suite.

The Illumigyn Gynescope is a state of the art compact imaging device that will make your gynecologist’s job easier. It will also improve image accuracy.

Improve early diagnosis and detection rates of cervical cancer

Using an innovative gynecological imaging technology, Israeli women’s health startup Illumigyn has developed a remote-diagnostics platform that can improve early diagnosis and detection rates of cervical cancer in developing countries. The company’s Gynescope uses a combination of machine vision and light wavelengths to produce high-resolution digital images of the vagina, cervix, and ovaries. These images are stored in a cloud and can be retrieved and viewed by a medical expert.

The Gynescope’s digital images are then analysed by specialist software. The results of the test can be compared and shared. This enables patients to receive second opinions and follow-up care from their medical specialists.

Illumigyn has developed 20,000 Gynescope units that are being distributed across Africa. This is a part of the company’s plan to fight cervical cancer in Africa. The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), a pan-African multilateral trade finance institution.

The Gynescope is the world’s first remote gynecological imaging platform. Illumigyn’s Gynescope delivers 15 micron image resolution. It also has multi-spectral illumination options. This allows the device to detect changes on the cervix in minutes.

Make gynecological examinations more effective

illumigyn has developed a gynecological imaging platform that targets women over 15. Illumigyn’s Gynescope(tm) System is a mobile application that enables users to scan the cervix and vaginal area with high-definition imaging. The application can be used by anyone trained in handling medical devices. The device also automatically stores images to the cloud for easy access.

The system is designed to provide women with affordable and high-quality medical care. In addition to screenings and evaluations, illumigyn offers treatment for cervical cancer. This is the first remote cervical exam solution to receive FDA approval.

Illumigyn’s Gynescope(tm) uses machine vision technologies to capture high-resolution images of the vaginal and cervical areas. The system also offers auto-focus and auto illumination control. The image quality is much better than a Pap smear.

Illumigyn’s cameras use different wavelengths of light to determine abnormal tissue. This allows doctors to detect early-stage cervical cancer. This is particularly important in developing countries where cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women.

Improve gynecological examinations in Africa

illumigyn, an Israeli women’s health startup, has launched a platform that allows doctors and nurses to perform gynecological exams without the patient having to come to a doctor’s office. Using a Gynescope system, which connects to a cloud-based platform, doctors can capture high-resolution digital images of the vagina and external genitalia. Illumigyn’s Gynescopes also allow physicians to get a second opinion from a physician or a specialist.

Illumigyn’s Gynescope System includes free training programs. The device is a compact imaging device that fits inside a standard gynecologist’s speculum handle and generates high-resolution digital images during gynecological exams. This allows doctors to make more accurate diagnoses than traditional Pap smears.

In addition to providing remote access to high-resolution imagery, illumigyn’s Gynescope also allows physicians to perform cervical screening. Currently, most cervical cancer cases are diagnosed between the ages of 40 and 44. While cervical cancer can be diagnosed in the early stages, it is difficult to follow up on patients.