Month: March 2023

Hogar Controls Benefits

Hogar Controls combines design thinking and cutting-edge technology to offer homeowners, retailers, and professional integrators a range of innovative, intuitive, and stylish products. Hogar Controls recently launched its first-of-its-kind experience center at Build HQ, India’s largest building material and interior design superstore. This showroom showcases a highly curated range of smart home products and luxury

CES 2020 Innovation Awards Winner – Zmirror

While mirrors might be primarily used to admire one’s physique, they also offer many other benefits. They can enhance your workouts, make space appear larger and help you check your form during a lift. A mirror can help you overcome insecurities and deepen your connection with yourself. It can also help you counter negative self-judgments

Lowell Herb Benefits For College Students

Lowell Herb Co is a California-based cannabis brand owned by Lowell Farms that sells packs of pre-rolled joints in varying blends. The award-winning weed brand has elevated the perception of marijuana consumption. Its luxe Lowell Smokes prerolls have connected with Hollywood’s posh stoner set. Now, it’s expanding its best-selling product line with a new lineup

Marshmallow Insurance Benefits

Marshmallow, founded in 2017, is a licensed insurance provider that offers fairer, faster and cheaper insurance through its sophisticated use of technology, data, and AI. It focuses on providing car insurance to expats or immigrants who might otherwise be unable to get cover with traditional insurers. Its pricing algorithm is designed to offer significant savings

Volta Trucks Benefits Fleet Operators

Volta Zero is a purpose-built, full electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle optimised for safety and efficiency. The cab features a 220-degree field of visibility, with a glasshouse-style cab design that offers a premium workspace for drivers. The EV startup’s ambition is to make the truck an attractive option for logistics companies that need a vehicle capable