CES 2020 Innovation Awards Winner – Zmirror

While mirrors might be primarily used to admire one’s physique, they also offer many other benefits. They can enhance your workouts, make space appear larger and help you check your form during a lift.

A mirror can help you overcome insecurities and deepen your connection with yourself. It can also help you counter negative self-judgments with appreciation, compassion and love.

Stream Your Favorite Music

If you’re a music lover, a subscription to a streaming service can be a fantastic way to listen to your favorite songs. These services typically give you unlimited access to a wide variety of music from around the world.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, some people find that the audio quality of a streaming service doesn’t match up to the fidelity of a CD. Some even say it’s too easy to skip through music with a streaming service.

For those who want to stream their favorite music without the hassle of purchasing physical albums, a mirror like zmirror can be a great solution. With a seven-inch LCD touchscreen, this all-in-one smart mirror streams your favorite music, workout classes, and can help you track your fitness with Amazon Alexa voice control.

Control It With Your Voice

As a CES 2020 Innovation Awards winner, zmirror stands out from the crowd by taking on the task of displaying your vanity in style. Not only does it feature a high-resolution seven-inch touchscreen that is more than capable of showing you your latest selfie, but it also features a plethora of touch controls that will make your bathroom a pleasure to use. Moreover, you can even control it via voice using the built-in Amazon Alexa smart speaker and the company’s Konnect app.

The best part about this gizmo is that it does all of the above without you having to lift a finger. It has a surprisingly robust battery life and can be left in standby mode for those days you have a little more time to spare. The app itself is a cinch to use, especially if you have a Google Home or Amazon Echo in your home. Its other notable feature is the ability to control your mirror by voice in a matter of seconds, no matter which device you’re using.

Protect Your Privacy

Zmirror is a CES 2020 Innovation Awards winner and features a sleek seven-inch LCD touchscreen that sits atop a nine-inch diameter tempered glass mirror. The device’s smart speaker technology provides an array of features that include music streaming, voice control, and more. The device also includes an integrated microphone and camera system to record video and audio. It is powered by Amazon Alexa, allowing you to stream music, ask questions, read books, and more. In addition, the device can be controlled by Siri and other voice assistants. The smart mirror’s security features are designed to protect your privacy from theft, unauthorized use, and damage. In addition, the device uses reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security controls to help prevent unauthorized access to your information.

In addition, Mirror may disclose or transfer your Personal Information to its corporate affiliates and to third parties who provide services on our behalf (for example, fulfillment, hosting, payment or service providers). Mirror requires such corporate affiliates and such third parties to limit their use and disclosure of your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Delight Your Ears

Zmirror is a multi-functional gadget that is also very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In addition to its seven-inch screened smart mirror, it’s packed with all sorts of cool tricks including a high-tech speaker system that’s sure to delight your ears. It even lets you control it with your voice. A CES 2020 Innovation Awards winner, it can also show you the time, tell you about the weather and provide you with a list of news stories. It even comes with a handy little holder to store it in while you’re doing your hair. The best part? It all starts at just $199.