Bobobox Benefits From New Series A Funding

Bobobox is one of Indonesia’s largest capsule and cabin hotel chains. It is designed to facilitate millenials and business travelers with comfortable, attractive, standardized and affordable accommodation.

The company uses augmented reality to visualize their capsule rooms so potential customers can easily understand the concept. This is also part of their strategy to increase brand awareness.

1. Space Saving

Bobobox is a new, sleek, and nimble smart accommodation solution for smart travelers and millennial adventurers. It offers budget friendly pods that fit two people at a time without the space constraints that come with traditional hotels.

Its sleeping “pods” are equipped with app-controlled security, customizable lights, Bluetooth speaker, compact working space and personal air conditioner. The company has installed 1.2K+ pods in 16 locations nationwide, demonstrating product-market fit and achieving >80% occupancy rates for both its capsule hotels and cabins.

2. Convenience

With the new Series A funding, Bobobox will continue its national expansion. It already has 16 capsule hotels and cabin hotels, with an average occupancy rate of over 80%.

The smart accommodation startup offers futuristic sleeping pods equipped with app-controlled secure door access, customizable lights, security, Bluetooth speaker, comfortable king-size bed and compact working space concurrently.

The company’s preventive measures have allowed it to maintain its occupancy rates, even as many other hotels and accommodations closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Affordability

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Bobobox operated eight buildings with more than 500 capsule rooms and cabin hotels across Indonesia. These ‘pods’ are equipped with app-controlled secure door access, customizable lights, Bluetooth speakers, king and single beds and compact working space.

4. Convenience

Bobobox is an innovative hi-tech capsule network that is a game changer for millennial adventurers and smart travelers. With state-of-the-art technology, the pod accommodation provides convenience and a calming environment at an affordable price.

Its Pods feature app-controlled secured door access, customizable lights, Bluetooth speakers, king-size and single-size beds, compact working space, and personal air conditioner. They start at USD 10 per night.

The Bandung-based startup has received Pra-Series A funding from Genesia Ventures, Alpha JWC Ventures, and three hidden investors with undisclosed value. It is using the funding to expand its service throughout Indonesia within two years.

6. Security

Founded in 2017, Bobobox is Indonesia’s largest capsule and cabin hotel chain. Its pods feature app-controlled security, Bluetooth speaker, customizable lights, comfortable king-size bed, and compact working space concurrently. It also implements preventive measures such as limiting the number of guests in shared areas and cleaning protocols.

Box offers a safe way to work from anywhere with granular permissions, native two-factor authentication, and secure file storage in multiple regions. Its Content Cloud also features threat detection and containment with Box Shield.

7. Comfort

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8. Flexibility

Bobobox’s insta-worthy pods are equipped with app-controlled door access, customizable lights, security, bluetooth speakers, and a king-size bed. Each pod is meticulously designed to enhance guests’ experience, convenience, privacy, space, and value.

The tech-first Indonesian capsule hotel is tackling space, security, and affordability issues that occur in regular budget hotels. The company is also tapping into a growing market of millennial travellers. With an average occupancy rate of above 80%, Bobobox is set to expand across major cities in 2019. Currently, the company operates 16 capsule and cabin hotels.

9. Social

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bobobox has taken preventive measures to keep guests and staff safe. These measures include limiting guest occupancy, providing hand sanitizer stations in public areas, and disinfecting each pod daily.

Founded in 2017, Bobobox is a network of capsules that aims to be the recharging facilities for people to get quality rest. Its ‘pods’ feature app-controlled security door access, Bluetooth speaker, customizable lights, comfortable king-size beds, and compact working space simultaneously.