The Nue Co Benefits

Infuse your daily routine with this set of supplements to reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and help you sleep better. It’s made with wholesome natural foods to nurture your body, inside and out.

Customers love this brand for its clean ingredients and eco-friendly ethos. Functional Fragrance is a top pick of many, including content creators on YouTube like Organic Vogue.

1. Boosts Energy

The Nue Co was born out of a dream to positively impact the health of humankind and the planet. Founder Jules Miller turned to supplements to manage her 5-year battle with IBS, and quickly found that 50% of most supplements are formulated with synthetic fillers and processed ingredients. Inspired by a conversation with her grandfather, a doctor and lecturer at Cambridge University, they set out to create a line of supplements that combine the best of science and nature using clean, sustainable and clinically proven ingredients.

Despite being a relatively new player, The Nue Co has made significant inroads in the market, with 80% of its sales coming through direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. The company is one of the leaders in the wellness tech space, a group of companies that are building technology that helps consumers improve their physical and mental well-being.

2. Strengthens Immune System

A breakthrough line that upgrades the supplement game, The Nue Co benefits range from improving digestion and sleep to strengthening the immune system. The brand’s bestselling Growth Phase, $90, delivers a 90-day clinically proven increase in hair growth via a 360-degree approach, including nutritional deficiencies, hormone balance, stress reduction and antioxidant defence.

The Immunity supplements are formulated to strengthen a weak immune system with daily Vitamin C and Turkey Tail Mushroom, plus piperine extract for enhanced absorption. Meanwhile, the cognitive boosting Moon Juice Super You, $48, uses natural psychostimulants to heighten mental clarity + sharpen focus instantly, plus encourage healthy bacteria for long term benefits.

The Defense drops use a blend of adaptogen herbs (like mistletoe, echinacea, schisandra berry and rosemary) to level out cortisol levels + strengthen the body’s natural defences against illness. Simply add a drop to water for fast absorption.

3. Boosts Gut Health

The gut microbiome is one of our bodies most important systems, influencing everything from digestion and immunity to hormone equilibrium. Ensure you’re feeding it properly with a supplement like Seed Daily’s probiotics, expertly developed to aid in restoring intestinal balance and soothe discomfort.

To quickly reduce bloating and gas try our bestselling Debloat Food + Probiotic formula which contains natural carminatives ginger, turmeric + cinnamon along with digestive aids papin + maqui fruit. This blend is boosted with 15 billion probiotics and prebiotics.

For a good night’s sleep try our non-habit forming, alcohol-free Sleep Drops which contain the sedative ingredients valerian root and passionflower to help you drift off to sleep and reduce cortisol levels. Or go for a sparkling tonic drink that also supports your gut with Olipop’s lemon ginger herbal blend with probiotic BC 30.

5. Reduces Stress

After her 5-year battle with IBS, Londoner Jules Miller realized most supplements were formulated with synthetic fillers and processed ingredients. That inspired her and husband Charlie Gower to create a line of products that blend science with natural innovation using clean, sustainable, clinically proven ingredients.

The brand’s best-selling Forest Lungs ($95) aims to provide an “emotional prescription” by bringing the benefits of shinrin yoku (forest bathing) into a bottle. The mood-balancing scent uses a botanical oil that mimics phytoncides, which are emitted by trees to naturally strengthen immune systems and stimulate the parasympathetic response.

Designed to improve sleep quality and boost immunity, Defense Drops includes a blend of adaptogenic herbs like eleuthero, astragalus and schisandra berry. The formula is free of toxic preservatives, additives and sweeteners and features a high-dose of Vitamin C and zinc to help manage stress levels.