Vietcetera Benefits

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Vietcetera pivoted towards Vietnamese content in 2018, which has helped the brand reach 20 million monthly readers, mostly Gen-Z and millennials. Its content pushes boundaries in a conservative society, such as its popular sex education series and podcast Coi Mo (“Take it Off”).

We’re a media company

Vietcetera is a media platform that offers editorial content on Vietnamese culture and business for millennials and Gen Z. Its podcasts feature interviews with famous public figures such as singers, athletes and entrepreneurs. It also has podcasts about everyday life of expatriates in Vietnam.

The platform has more than 20 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the fastest growing media companies in Vietnam. It has partnered with AIA Life Insurance, Google and other leading brands to reach their target audiences.

Vietcetera recently migrated to AWS to improve its performance and reliability. It uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Auto Scaling to scale its infrastructure automatically based on demand. This has allowed the company to increase its website traffic without needing to invest in new hardware. Additionally, the company uses Amazon Web Services’ data analytics services to provide a more personalised experience for users.

We’re a community

LIN supports nonprofits and individuals in the Global North who are looking to invest in Vietnam. LIN helps them assess their impact and give strategically to make a long-term difference. Its work also aims to inspire good practices and change perspectives on how we fund nonprofits in Vietnam.

Founded in 2016, Vietcetera Media is a first-of-its-kind multimedia digital platform delivering editorial content along with video series and podcasts for Vietnamese people and the world’s growing Vietnamese diaspora. Its ‘Vietnam Innovators’ and ‘Have A Sip’ podcasts elevate profiles of Vietnam-based entrepreneurs; and its broader collaborations, such as an original rap music video with Daniel Kritenbrink, US ambassador to Vietnam, help to raise the country’s profile globally.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, organisations across Vietnam are facing significant workforce challenges due to employee resignations and safety concerns. This article, courtesy of EveHR, shares four ways to build a culture of hospitality to retain and engage employees.

We’re a brand

With a mission to connect modern Vietnam with a global audience, Vietcetera publishes curated content in Vietnamese and English. Its articles and podcasts cover business, culture and other issues for millennial and Gen Z audiences. The company also has an in-house influencer agency and a brand lab.

Aside from its booming online content, the company has also expanded to offline events and partnerships. The ‘Vietnam Innovators’ and ‘Have A Sip’ podcasts elevate the profiles of entrepreneurs in the country. While its ‘Bit Tat’ podcast and broader collaborations aim to give Vietnam’s youth a voice.

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We’re a podcast

With a mission to connect modern Vietnam with the world, Vietcetera delivers content that informs and inspires millennials and Gen Z. Its shows and podcasts cover culture, society, business and more for an audience of over 20 million monthly users.

Founded by diaspora entrepreneurs Hao Tran and Guy Truong, Vietcetera has built a team that’s well-versed in the challenges of growing a tech startup in a developing country. One of those challenges is making sure you can attract and retain the best talent.

To scale for growth, Vietcetera migrated 90 per cent of its IT infrastructure to the cloud with AWS. With the breadth and depth of AWS capabilities, including serverless, machine learning, and data analytics, Vietcetera can create website landing pages twice as quickly and scale podcast production by 50 per cent for a better user experience. This week’s show is brought to you by Homebase, a Vietnam-based proptech startup that allows home buyers—notably millennials—to pay for the portion of a house they can afford today and then buy out the remaining share at a later date when they’re ready.